Waste Collection Permit: Guide for Application or Renewal

Waste Collection Permit: Guide for Application or Renewal

A waste collection permit is required where a person wishes to collect waste for the purposes of reward or profit.  

Existing permit holders should take note of the expiry date of your waste collection permit.

  • A waste collection permit (WCP) is valid for 5 years from the grant date.
  • In accordance with Section 24(1) of the Waste Management (Collection Permit) Regulations 2007 & 2008, a permit holder must initiate a review of their permit by submitting an application together with all required supporting documentation prior to the expiry date of the current permit.

We have outlined below the requirements and process for application a WCP.  The application for a WCP must include the specified application form and supporting documentation.

  1. ECOS typically organises a pre-application consultation with the NWCPO before an application for a WCP is submitted.  This provides time for the applicant and NWCPO to agree the principal waste collection activities that will be carried out.
  2. All relevant submissions, plans and documents will be compiled to support the application, including:
    • Records of wastes types and quantities collected.
    • Copy of Vehicle Registration Certificate for each vehicle.
    • Copy of current Tax Clearance Certificate from Irish Revenue
    • Copy of Notice from nominated authority instigating a review
    • Copy of Certificate of Registration of Trade Name
    • Copy of Certificate of Incorporation
    • Copy of the relevant page from the newspaper(s) in which notice(s) have been published.
    • Details of any court hearing, case, nature of the offence and any penalty or requirements imposed by the court.
  3. ECOS will then undertake a number of tasks such that the application form and supporting documentation can be presented in a manner likely to lead to a successful application or renewal, including:
    • Site Visit to gather information relevant to the application
    • Review previous licenses owned, planning permission documents
    • Conduct Gap Analysis on what documentation is missing and follow up with client on outstanding documents
    • Assist the client to compile documents and supporting information to complete application form.
    • Complete the Waste Code Tables spreadsheet, Supplementary Questions & household Kerbside Waste Spreadsheet
    • Draft Record Keeping and other procedure where required
    • Document & Present Supporting Information In Standard Format
  4. The applicant is required to submit a notice of intention to make an application into a local newspaper within 10 working days before making an application.
  5. Once the application form has been completed, it is to be submitted to the NWCPO along with all of the relevant submissions, plans, documents and other relevant information to support the application.
  6. The applicant must pay the appropriate fee eg. renewal fee:
    • Single region permit
    • Multi-region permit
    • All regions permit.
  7. Once the application has been submitted, the NWCPO will decide whether the principal waste collection activity identified in the application is correct under Article 9 of the regulations.
  8. Only when the NWCPO is satisfied that the information received complies with Articles 6 and 7 of the regulations can the application be validated.
  9. A WCP is issued for a period of five years (or shorter depending what the permit  says).

Further guidance on required documentation is presented in:

  • NWCPO Guidance Manual: Waste Collection Permit Regulations
  • NWCPO Waste Collection Permit Application Form.

If you would like more information or would like to be guided through the application or renewal process please contact us

T: (061) 633644. E: info@ecos.ie W: www.@ecos.ie