Irish Water are responsible for the issuing of discharge licences for effluents discharged to sewers under the provisions of Section 7 of the Water Services (No.2) Act 2013, (which transfers part of the functions of the local authorities to Irish Water).  A licence which was issued under Section 16 of the (Water Pollution Act) 1977 shall continue to be in force for the unexpired period of the licence, as if granted by Irish Water. 

ECOS regularly assists our clients to apply for and manage compliance with their Trade Effluent Discharge Licence.

Whether your business is a small restaurant or a large multinational manufacturing industry, if it generates a wastewater which is discharged to a sewer, a discharge licence is required with very few exceptions.

In order to obtain a licence to discharge trade effluent to sewer a valid application must be submitted to Irish Water.  The discharge licence application form supplied by Irish Water must be accompanied by all relevant submissions, plans, documents and other relevant information to support the application, including:

Trade Effluent Discharge to Sewer Licences set out conditions that must be complied with and may include:

ECOS assists our clients to prepare valid licence applications.  We work with our clients and the regulator to manage expectations and ensure that the most appropriate licence can be issued.  We assist our clients to achieve cost effective compliance

For more information on how to manage the discharge licence of trade effluent to sewer from your business please contact us.