Do the Solvent Regulations apply to your business?

If you use solvents, it is likely that either the Solvent Regulations 2012 or EPA Act will apply to you.

The Solvent Regulations are aimed at solvent users who use between up to 10 tonnes per year.  Such users must obtain a Certificate of Compliance from their local authority.  This certificate is then valid for three years.

To obtain this Certificate, the user must a Solvent Management Plan to account for all solvent inputs and outputs and pass an audit from an Approved Assessor. 

The EPA Act is aimed at large solvent uses who use over 10 tonnes of solvent per year and these users will require an IPC or IED licence.

Please feel free to contact us if you are unsure as to whether the Solvent Regulations apply to your business or need further information or assistance in how to prepare your solvent management plan.