Our Story

ECOS Environmental Consultants Limited was founded by Mark McConnell in 2011.  A Chartered Environmental Manager, Mark has worked in the environmental consultancy sector and specialised in water, waste and wastewater management for more than 25 years. 

ECOS is a multidisciplinary team of technical and business managers who have worked with many different business sectors.  We work with Multi National and SME Businesses to identify and solve problems related to the management of environmental/business resources including Water, Waste & Wastewater.  


Water | Waste | Wastewater

  • Feasibility Study, Product Development, Commercialisation
  • Physical, Chemical & Biological Treatment & Management
  • Technical procurement and validation
  • Tender development and appraisal
  • Technical Investigation and Assessment

Resource Efficiency

  • Environmental Management: Corporate & Regulatory Compliance
  • Whole of Life Assessment: Supply Chain to Circular Economy
  • Waste: Minimisation, Recovery, Reuse, Treatment
  • Due Diligence, Verification and Validation
  • Lean/Green Investigation and Assessment
  • Product & Process Optimisation & Control

Licences & Permits

  • Licence Application & Compliance Management
  • EPA Industrial Emissions & Waste Licences
  • Waste: Article 11, Article 27 and Article 28
  • Local Authority: Waste Facility Permit
  • Waste Collections Permits
  • Solvents: Certificate of Compliance

For more information please contact us at +353 (0) 61 633644 or info@ecos.ie.  We would welcome your enquiry.