How to Obtain an Effluent Discharge Licence

Any company that discharges the following requires an effluent discharge licence: 

All trade effluent discharges must be licensed by either Uisce Éireann (formerly known as Irish Water), the Environmental Protection Agency or the local authority.

Under the provisions of the Local Government (Water Pollution) Acts 1977 and 1990, local authorities are responsible for the issuing of effluent discharge licences for effluents discharged to surface waters and ground/groundwater.

On 1st January 2014, Uisce Éireann (formerly known as Uisce Éireann) became the new national water utility that has the responsibility for the delivery of public water and waste water services, taking over the role that was previously held by Local Authorities. Commercial activities discharging trade effluent to the public sewer require a licence from Uisce Éireann, with large industrial or water management-based activities requiring a licence from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Application to Discharge Trade Effluent or Sewage Effluent to Waters (Section 4 of the Local Government (Water Pollution) Act 1977 should be made to the relevant local authority on a standard application form obtained from that local authority. 

A licence is required from Uisce Éireann for any trade effluent or other matter (other than domestic sewage or storm water), discharged to a sewer controlled by Uisce Éireann. In discharging their role as the national water services utility, responsible for water services operations and investment, Uisce Éireann is primarily regulated by:

Completed application forms together with supporting documentation needs to be submitted to the licensing authority, including:

Additional reports may be required for applications to the EPA or local authorities for discharges to waters or where discharges are to be located in sensitive areas and on or near on Special Areas of Conservation and Special Protection Areas:

For more information on how to obtain the most appropriate discharge licence for your business, please contact ECOS.