ECOS Environmental Consultants

ECOS Environmental Consultants work with Multi-National and SME clients using environmental management as a business tool.  We identify and resolve issues related to Water, Waste and Wastewater. With more than 25 years of experience as environmental consultants, we support a broad range of business sectors.

We use LEAN principles to identify and solve problems to enable our clients to address environmental management as they would any part of their business: Setting Goals, Objectives & KPIs, strategic planning of projects aligned with business goals, assessment of data, informed decision making and implementation improvements and efficiencies.

ECOS Environmental Consultants helps our Clients to:

  • Increase value/save on costs
  • Achieve Corporate & Regulatory Compliance
  • Operate in line with Best Practice
  • Manage the cost of compliance
  • Mitigate against risk and liability
  • Obtain skills transfer to client staff

Experience across many Sectors:

  • Waste Management
  • Medical Device
  • Pharmachem
  • Construction
  • Research Facilities
  • Food & Drink Manufacture
  • Agri-Business
  • Heavy & Light Engineering
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Hospitality Sector