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ECOS Environmental Consultants helps our clients to save costs or increase value within their business.  We identify and solve problems related to Water, Waste & Wastewater.

 Environmental Management: Corporate & RegulatoryECOS ➢ Whole of Life Assessment: Supply Chain to Circular Economy

 Whole of Life Assessment: Supply Chain to Circular Economy

 Waste: Minimisation, Recovery, Reuse, Treatment

 Technology: Development, Validation, Application

 Licences & Permits: Application, Renewal, Compliance & Reporting

Our multidisciplinary team of technical and business managers use environmental management as a business tool to help you achieve your financial, competitive, regulatory and operational goals.

We work with many business sectors in Ireland, UK and mainland Europe including:

 Multi National and SME businesses ECOS Waste: Minimisation, Recovery, Reuse, Treatment

 Public & Private Sector

 Food & Drink

 Environmental Regulators

ECOS: Licences & Permits: Application, Renewal, Compliance & Reporting Pharma-Chem

 Building Products and Services

 Hospitality Sector

 Waste Management

 Technology and Research Facilities


Through working with ECOS our clients:ECOS: Waste is a resource

Increase value and/or save on costs

Achieve Corporate and Regulatory Compliance

Mitigate against environmental risk and liabilities

Gain access to highly experienced multi-skilled personnel

Manage the cost of compliance

Obtain skills transfer to client staff

Operate within Best Practice standards and guidelines

For more information on how ECOS will help you please contact us.

T:  +353 (0) 61 633644  E:  info@ecos.ie

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