Environmental Grants

ECOS guides our clients through successful environmental grant applications. Environmental grants are an excellent tool for businesses to utilise as they grow and evolve to meet new challenges and opportunities. There are a number of grant options available, depending on the needs and objectives of your business.

Green Start, Green Plus, and Green Transform, are three such grants available through the IDA and Enterprise Ireland.


GreenStart provides an introduction to environmental best practice and helps in the preparation of a formalised environmental management structure. GreenStart is open to small and medium companies that are clients of Enterprise Ireland or IDA. Eligible companies can receive up to 80% funding.

Green Plus

The Green Plus grant is designed to assist company managers develop a high level of environmental management capabilities and apply international best practices such as ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and ISO 14064. Clients are typically eligible for 50% funding.

Green Transform

To be eligible for Green Transform, your business will be subject to additional qualifying criteria and the matched funding ranges from 50% – 70% depending on the size of your company.

If you would like to know more about environmental grants for your business and information on how to apply, contact ECOS