Integrated Pollution Control Licence (IPC Licence – Formerly IPPC Licence)

What is an IPC Licence

The EPA Act 1992 (as amended) sets out the activities for which an Integrated Pollution Control or IPC Licence is required.

An IPC Licence is a singular licence granted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  An IPC licence addresses all activities undertaken on site which may impact on the environment and include all emissions from a facility.  

The purpose of the IPC licence is to ensure site activities and emissions from your facility will not have an adverse environmental impact.

The conditions of an IPC licence are wide ranging and include requirements for monitoring, ongoing assessment, record keeping, reporting and improvements such that site operations are in accordance with Best Available Technology (BAT).

Who Needs An IPC Licence

In some instances, as provided for in the EPA Act 1992 (as amended), thresholds apply for certain activities, below which an IPC Licence is not required.  Where the facility has the capacity to exceed the threshold, an IPC licence will be required.

The types of activity which may require an IPC licence include:

  • Minerals and Other Materials
  • Metals
  • Mineral Fibres and Glass
  • Chemicals
  • Food and Drink
  • Textiles and Leather
  • Fossil Fuels
  • Cement
  • Waste 
  • Surface Coatings
  • Other Activities (includes testing of engines, manufacture of integrated circuits and printed circuit boards, production of lime and manufacture of ceramics)

If you are planning to start a new activity which requires an IPC licence you must have a licence before you can commence.  For existing facilities the licence application process should commence when it is know that the capacity to exceed a threshold will be exceeded .  It is an offence to carry on a licensable activity without a licence from the EPA.

Do you need an IPC or a Waste Licence?

If you are carrying on IPC and Waste activities you can ask the EPA to make a declaration as to whether an IPC or Waste licence is required.  Such a declaration may also be made by the EPA of its own volition.  For more information, see Section 39A of the Waste Management Act 1996 as amended.

How To Apply

Should you need to apply for an IPC Licence you will need to register on the EPA online system (EDEN) followed by making the public aware of your IPC Licence application. 

It is strongly recommended that you engage in pre-application consultations before submitting your application.

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