Collection of waste requires a valid waste collection permit

Please do not give your waste to an unauthorised collector, as persons involved in the collection of waste must have a valid waste collection permit. 

  • If they have a valid permit it will be listed
    • Only waste as listed on Appendix A of their permit can be collected
    • All waste must be delivered to facilities listed in Appendix B only
    • Only vehicles as listed in appendix C can be used to collect waste
    • Waste can only be collected in areas as listed in Appendix D only
  • The waste collection permit number and name of the permit holder must be clearly displayed on the vehicles and on all wast transfer documentation 
  • The waste contractor must provide you with a waste collection docket (there are exceptions for your regular wheelie bin service)

ECOS compile the information required to correctly complete the application form (s) and submit the completed application forms together with all required supporting documentation to the NWCPO on behalf of our clients.

For more information on waste management, waste collection permits & waste facility permits and how to cost effectively manage compliance, please contact us.