Lean practices and improved environmental performance

Lean practices and improved environmental performance

The link between Lean practices and environmental performance has been well documented.  Lean practices can contribute to enhanced environmental and business performance.

The most obvious benefits of Green and Lean are cost savings which are synergistically coupled with value creation opportunities.

Cost savings may include energy savings, productivity savings, and savings from improved utilisation of materials.

Value creation opportunities may include innovations that involve creation of new products out of waste materials and finding ways, in service delivery processes, to enhance customer’s experience.

Whilst the pursuit of Green and Lean is not a destination but a journey, it is clear that organisations that stretch themselves to build a culture around the values of sustainability, excellence, and equity will ultimately have a big advantage those who do not.

Lean and environmental (Lean/Green) funding supports are available from:

The state agencies have aligned around the Lean/Green Business Offer, sharing a resource of Lean/Green consultants and methodologies.  By working together, the agencies have developed a straight forward development path for companies in Ireland.

There are different levels of funding available (50 – 80%) from different state agencies.

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