Water Charges for 1.35 million households from 2014

Up to 90% of the country’s 1.35 million households will start paying water charges from 2014, according to a new report prepared for the Government.

Consumers will also pay VAT on top of their bills, as a private company, Irish Water, will be charging for the services instead of a public body.   The water charges will be in addition to the new property tax – however the rates to be imposed have not been identified.

The report also stated:

  • 1.35 million homes will be hit with bills, of which 300,000 will pay a flat-rate charge as they live in terraced homes or apartments which are too expensive to meter.
  • Meters may have to be replaced “on a regular basis” – Household or Government to pay the estimated €500 cost of each meter?
  • It will cost at least €10bn to bring Ireland’s water quality up to EU standards by 2027.
  • Improving standards to meet EU targets on drinking water quality “may require” several hundred million euro of extra expenditure every year.

Legislation is expected to be published later this year which will allow Irish Water to take control of providing water to homes and businesses.