War on plastic: How businesses can play their part!

You may have heard that China no longer accepts low value plastics and has left the western world with a significant disposal/recycling conundrum.  war on plastic

We have all heard about Circular Economy.  You may have an idea of how you could use the circular economy to improve the performance of your business whilst playing a significant role in the improvement of our environment in which we live.

  • The war on plastic is now part of many businesses marketing plans.
  • There are also significant cost benefits which can be demonstrated to your decision makers, stakeholders and customers.

From our experience with resource management and circular economy projects in Ireland, key issues to be addressed will include:

  • Scale and viability
  • Market demand for products (this can be quite limited unless we look to export)
  • Initial cost of investment
  • Cost of production
  • Source and technical suitability of raw materials (solutions exist in relation to both)
  • Product certification (CE Marking and EU standards for specific products)
  • Regulatory constraints including the dreaded Article 28 “End of Waste” Criteria

If you would like to speak to one of our consultants to discuss your requirements in relation to the use and valorisation of plastics or “wasted”resources, please contact us.

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