Manage your EPA Licence – don’t let it manage you!!!

Manage your EPA Licence – don’t let it manage you!!!

EPA Licence 2An EPA licence is issued with a variety of conditions which detail the extent to key issues to be addressed, including:

  • Site Infrastructure
  • Environmental emissions control and abatement measures
  • Inspection, monitoring, and reporting requirements
  • Data Management and Communications Plans

There is a significant body of work required to address the conditions presented in IPC, IED or Waste Licence issued by the EPA.

It is essential to address all action items on a managed basis with adequate resources such that they can be brought to a point where they will be acceptable to the EPA.

In our experience, it is of paramount importance to communicate with the EPA on a regular basis, especially where improvements have been achieved or where agreed targets/deadlines cannot be achieved – for whatever reason.

Our approach has been proven to be effective over the years and may be summarised as follows:

  • Inventory all EPA Licence conditions
  • Review documentation including reports, drawings and site records required as conditions to the Licence
  • Conduct a Gap Analysis
  • Review all relevant and current guidance documents
  • Meet with the client and key internal/contractor stakeholders to:
    • Identify resources which are required/available to address outstanding Licence Conditions.
    • Allocate/procure resources for key activities.  People, Process, Procedures (and budget!!!)
  • Agree a provisional schedule of works inclusive of resource requirements and projected timelines.
    • This programme of works should include “once off” events and recurring items, e.g. monitoring and reporting requirements
  • Communicate the provisional project plan (s) to the EPA
    • Seek approval for key works and timelines as may be required.
  • Implement and review all aspects of the schedule of works at key benchmarks in the project plan.
  • Communicate all completions to the EPA in writing.
  • Equally, communicate all issues/concerns/delays which may impact upon the successful completion of aspects of the schedule of works as agreed with the EPA.

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