Water Stewardship Standard – Global and European Standard

Environmental Management - leaf floating in clean blue water

A Water Stewardship Standard setting out how to use and manage water responsibly has been launched by an alliance of 29 organisations including businesses, NGOs and parts of the UN.

The Water Stewardship Standard 1.0 is based around the principles of good water governance, and applies to all water types, including freshwater, drinking water, effluent and snow:

  • Sustainable abstraction
  • Achieving and maintaining good water status
  • Restoring and preserving important sites

Sectors based in Europe are advised to use the European Water Stewardship standard launched in 2011.  The European Standard is closely linked to the international standard and developed by some of the same organisations in parallel to it.

  • The European standard takes precedence over the international version as its indicators and requirements are based on the Water Framework Directive.
  • Another regional standard is in place in Australia and there are plans to develop more.

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