Coca Cola – World Leader in Water Efficiency

Coca Cola recognised were one of the first companies to recognise water efficiency as adding Coca Cola Water Efficiencysignificant value to their bottom line.

  • For more than 40 years ago Coca Cola have lead the way to demonstrate how a global business can improve their business and add significant value to the countries and communities in which they operate.
  • Last year, Coca-Cola set a target of improving water efficiency by 25% by 2020 throughout its own operations, as well as those of nearly 300 bottling partners in more than 200 countries.  The company is aiming to improve on its 21.4% increase in water efficiency per litre of product produced from 2004 to 2012.

Coca-Cola remains on track to become ‘water neutral’ by 2020, having last year returned 68% of the water used in its finished beverages to the communities it was taken from.

  • An estimated 108.5 billion litres of water was replenished to communities and nature through 509 community water projects in more than 100 countries, according to the drinks giant’s latest water stewardship report.
  • In March, the firm introduced a state-of-the-art bottling plant in Peru that has qualified for LEED-certification; advancing production efficiency and delivering more efficient water and energy use. The investment in this bottling plant is part of the Coca-Cola’s commitment to be water neutral (100% balanced) in Peru by 2015.
  • Coca-Cola is working to restore two river habitats in the UK which could potentially act as a template model as the company looks to scale up its water stewardship work across the business.

The release of Coca-Cola’s water stewardship report comes at the same time as the group’s CRS report for 2013/14.  In that report, the firm says:

  • “We want to be the leader in water efficiency, with a target of 1.2 litres of water for every litre of product we make by 2020”.

Coca Cola acknowledge that their business must be water-sustainable and have a minimal impact throughout our value chain and that this can only be achieved through innovation and collaboration.

So to quote a few slogans which Coca Cola have used over the years and which reflect their attitude to water efficiency:

  • 1926 – It Had to Be Good to Get Where It Is
  • 1963 – Things Go Better with Coke
  • 1971 – I’d Like to Buy the World a Coke
  • 1979 – Have a Coke and a Smile
  • 2001 – Life Tastes Good
  • 2005 – Make It Real

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