EU end-of-waste criteria for compost

The EU executive  organised a stakeholder meeting to determine which types of biodegradable waste can be designated as “products”.

  • Such a definition would allow the waste to be used as fertiliser.
  • Countries’ compliance with the forthcoming EU criteria will be voluntary, but if treated waste does not meet the EU criteria, it can only be marketed within national borders.
  • Member states must agree a regulation on the criteria, as required under the EU’s Waste Framework Directive.

The process of deciding the criteria has been delayed because of disagreement over criteria for compost.

  • The latest study from the EU’s joint research centre (JRC) suggests that compost from unsorted waste and sewage sludge should be accepted as products.
  • Some large member states oppose such an inclusion on the grounds that compost from such unsorted waste may contain unacceptable levels of pollutants
  • This uncertainty could lower compost buyers’ confidence in product quality, result in the need for more regular testing thus increasing costs.

JRC Biodegradable waste subject to biological treatment

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