Environmental Compliance in Irelands Print, Packaging and Labelling Sector

An Enterprise Ireland study entitled Environmental Compliance in Irelands Print, Packaging and Labelling Sector has examined the findings of approximately 100 reviews carried out on sixty client companies over the period 1995 to 2011.  The main findings of this study include the following;

  • Wastewater management issues accounted for most non-conformances. The main difficulties arose with the Effluent Discharge Licence, for example, monitoring of wastewater characteristics and volumes and/or instances where emission limit values were exceeded.
  • Inadequate storage of chemicals, solvents and fuel oils proved to be the next most frequent cause of non-conformity and this was primarily due to issues with bunding.
  • Regarding atmospheric emissions, issues relating to stack height, insufficient extraction and exceeding emission limit values were the main reasons for non-conformances.
  • Waste management non-conformances were due to improper waste disposal and a lack of waste segregation.
  • Noise abatement and the general condition of the site have given rise to very few issues of concern.

ECOS Environmental Consultants Limited