Another Job Successfully Completed by ECOS

Waste facility Permits (WFP) are granted for a period of 5 years.  An application for a renewal of a WFP must be made to the licensing authority such that the facility can to continue to operate.Waste facility Permits (WFP)

Our client, a waste management company required a renewal of their WFP.   However, significant changes were required to expand and develop the site.  The client required an increase in capacity and a change of materials being recycled to address the needs of their customers and address market demand.

  • As part of the WFP review, our role included:
  • Review of activity on site to ensure it was covered under the existing planning permission
  • Review of site design and traffic management
  • Collaboration with the local authority to ensure the client obtained the permit which they required
  • Assisting the client to optimise their products and processes to address future market demands
  • Management of the public consultation process

ECOS successfully worked with the client and the licensing authority such that a new and expanded WFP was granted, which facilitated the clients requirements to expand their business to address future market demand.

For more information please contact ECOS.  ECOS are happy to work with licenses in developing procedures relating to the inspection of waste.

WFP Case Study

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