What is Required to Apply for a Waste Facility Permit?

A waste facility permit is required for any business or individual that plans to generate, store, treat, or dispose of waste. To obtain a waste facility permit, you must submit an application and meet all regulatory requirements. This article will discuss the process of getting a waste facility permit. 

Contents of an application for a waste facility permit

When applying for a waste facility permit the correctly completed application form together with copies of relevant documents required to support the application should be submitted to the relevant local authority in the manner prescribed in the guidance documents.   Information to be included will include:

  • the full name of the applicant(s),
  • Legal entity of the applicant eg Limited company, sole trader, partnership
  • all trade names to be included on the permit
  • confirmation of the legal interest of the applicant(s) in the land on which the proposed facility is located,
  • the address of the principal place of business of the applicant(s) and  the telephone number and e-mail address of the applicant(s), and, if different, any address to which correspondence relating to the application should be sent,
  • Planning permission for the proposed activity
  • Legal status of the applicant and/or any partnerships relating to the activities, a copy of the appropriate certificate issued by the Companies Registration Office,
  • details of the town-land and postal address of the location of the facility to which the application relates,
  • a description of the nature of the waste-related activity which is proposed to be carried on within the facility,
  • Site and Environmental management procedures and practices to be implemented such that compliance with permit conditions will be maintained 
  • Site location map with a clear delineation of the site boundaries,
  • Proposed layout plan of facility
  • Site drainage map

Specific information is also required relating to the activities to be undertaken relative to regulatory requirements, including:

  • the specified class or classes of activity concerned, in accordance with
    • the third and fourth schedules of the Act, and in the case of two or more activities identify the principal activity, and
    • Part I of the third schedule of these Regulations, and in the case of two or more activities identify the principal activity,
  • details of the quantity of waste and the nature of the waste or wastes, which will be recovered or disposed of, as the case may be, including—
    • European Waste Catalogue Code(s) and description(s) pursuant to Commission Decision 2001/118/EC of 16 January 2001 or subsequent list as may be amended from time to time, and
    • particulars of the manner in which accurate records of the types and quantities of waste accepted at the facility will be measured,
  • a description of the plant, methods, processes and operating procedures for the activity,
  • particulars of the source, location, nature, composition, quantity, level and rate of emissions arising, or which will arise, from the activity and, where relevant, the period or periods during which such emissions are made or are to be made,
  • an identification of the proposed monitoring and sampling points and details of the proposed arrangements for the monitoring of emissions and the environmental consequences of any such emissions,
  • a description of the existing or proposed measures, including emergency procedures, to prevent unauthorised or unexpected emissions and minimise the impact on the environment of any such emissions,
  • the expected lifetime of the facility or activity,
  • particulars in respect of such matters affecting the ability of the applicant(s) to meet the financial commitments or liabilities which will be entered into or incurred by the person(s) in carrying on the activity or in ceasing to carry on the activity at the facility,
  • planning permission number, or planning application number, or if applicable copy of certificate of exemption issued by the relevant planning authority,
  • in the case of an activity involving the improvement or development of land—
    • details of the existing and final profiles and contours of the land,
    • a statement of whether the facility is located in, on or adjacent to, or impinges upon, a European site, and
    • a facility closure plan.
  • details of the biodiversity of the land,

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