Responsibilities for Water Services In Ireland

On 1st January 2014, Uisce Éireann (formerly known as Irish Water) became the new national water utility that has the responsibility for the delivery of public water and waste water services, taking over the role that was previously held by Local Authorities.

  • Uisce Éireann is the national water utility responsible for the operation of public water services including management of national water assets, maintenance of the water system, investment and planning, managing capital projects and customer care and billing.
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the national environmental regulator with responsibility for supervising the supply of drinking water by Uisce Éireann and the authorisation of discharges from Uisce Éireann’s waste water treatment plants.
  • Commission for Energy Regulation CER IS the economic regulator of public water services.  The CER’s role is to protect the interests of water consumers, ensure water services are delivered in a safe, secure and sustainable manner and that Uisce Éireann operates in an economic and efficient manner.


Source: EPA