Water bills could quadruple for Irish businesses

The price of water would quadruple in Ireland if European trends are applied, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and it is therefore crucial that businesses tackle water efficiency.

  • The average cost of cold water was €2 per cubic meter in Ireland. However, in countries like Germany this cost was as high as €8 per cubic meter.
  • The EPA’s Green Business Initiative has suggested prices could rise similarly in Ireland.

Savings can be made if:

  • Companies monitor their water meters on a weekly basis to reveal leaks before vast sums of money have been wasted and which may only become apparent upon receipt of the annual bill.
  • Companies start harvesting rainwater in Ireland – green water was far cheaper than blue water and could be used for purposes such as toilet flushing (save €800 per annum per urinal).

The EPA Green Business Programme offers free advice and onsite visits to companies looking to increase their water efficiency.

ECOS Environmental Consultants Limited