Sustainability Research Call 2015

Sustainability Research Call 2015The Sustainability Pillar of the EPA Research Programme has been allocated funding of approximately €2.75m for new commitments in the 2015 Research Call.

  • The Sustainability Research Call 2015 was opened on 10 June 2015.

The overall aim of the Sustainability pillar of the EPA’s Research Programme 2014-2020 is designed to identify pressures, inform policy and develop solutions to environmental challenges through the provision of strong evidence-based scientific knowledge. Sustainability is structured into four thematic areas of research as follows:

  1. Resource Efficiency to support research that will deliver solutions for more efficient use of resources, water and materials.
  2. Health & Wellbeing to collect data and make assessments of priority issues for Ireland and to mobilise this knowledge for use in environment and health protection.
  3. Natural Capital and Ecosystem Services including soils and biodiversity to protect, enhance and restore the ecosystem services we derive from our Natural Capital.
  4. Socio-Economic Aspects of a Sustainable Environment to identify opportunities for, and barriers to, leveraging and sustaining environmental gains through socio-economic approaches or mechanisms.

Indicative Timeframes

  • 12th June 2015: Call Opening
  • 10th July 2015 (5pm): Deadline for queries relating to the technical contents of this call
  • 17th July 2015 (5pm): Deadline for submission of applications by applicants
  • 29th July 2015 (5pm): Organisation Approval Deadline for authorisation by Research Offices
  • August/September 2015: Evaluation Process
  • September/October 2015: Negotiation
  • November 2015: Grant Award of Successful Projects

More Information
EPA Research Call 2015 Documents

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