Protecting Drinking Water from Pesticides

Protecting Drinking Water Quality from PesticidesThe National Pesticides Working group has produced a leaflet to provide information supporting awareness around responsible use of herbicides, including MCPA, by farmers and other professional users.

  • Protecting drinking water quality is essential for sustainable use of resources.

Drinking water monitoring results for Ireland show that a number of herbicides commonly used on grassland, such as MCPA, are being detected more frequently in recent years.

  • Careless storage, handling or use of pesticides can easily cause breaches of the legal limit for pesticides in drinking water.
  • It is essential to take great care and follow best practice procedures when using any pesticide and particularly so in the case of herbicides used on grassland.

Protecting Drinking Water from Pesticides Herbicide Use in Grassland Promoting best practice in the use of pesticides to protect drinking water