So what’s behind ISO 14046? 

Water use and management is a key consideration for any organization in light of growing demand for resources and increasing water scarcity.  Water management is required at local, regional and global levels.  It stands to reason therefore that a consistent assessment technique is required.  ISO 14046 (or International Standard ISO 14046, Environmental management – Water footprint – Principles, requirements and guidelines to give it its full name) is the new standard for water foot-printing that is intended to provide this consistency and give water footprint results credibility.

  • ISO 14046 is the international standard that will specify the principles, requirements and guidelines of assessing and reporting water footprints.  
  • This will apply to products, processes and organizations based on life cycle assessments. 
  • ISO 14046 will provide requirements and guidance for calculating and reporting a water footprint as a standalone assessment – or as part of a wider environmental assessment. 
  • A water footprint is a way of assessing potential environmental impacts related to water.  ISO 14046 provides an option to assess your water footprint as a standalone study where only the impacts relating to water are considered.  It also allows you to consider this as part of a life cycle assessment where all environmental impacts are considered.
  • It is intended for ISO 14046 to provide decision makers in industry, government and non-governmental organizations with a means to estimate the potential impact of water use and pollution, based on a life-cycle assessment.

ISO 14046 BRIEFING NOTE Measuring the impact of water use and promoting efficiency in water management