Ireland greenhouse gas emissions projections 2011-2020.

The EPA has published greenhouse gas emissions projections for the period 2011 to 2020.  The projected trends for greenhouse gases and give a picture of Ireland’s ability to meet EU and international targets with respect to greenhouse gas emissions:

  1. Ireland can comply with its Kyoto obligations (2008 – 2012) with regard to greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Ireland is predicted to breach its annual obligations under the EU 2020 target from 2017 onwards in the best-case scenario.
  3. Total emissions are projected to be 4.1 to 7.8 million tonnes of CO2eq above the EU 2020 target.
  4. Emissions from agriculture are projected to increase by 7.0% by 2020 (on 2010 levels) which shows the projected impact of Food Harvest 2020 and removal of EU milk quota.,32732,en.html