Innovative Water and Wastewater applications for businesses, Large and Small

ECOS Environmental Consultants provide advice to all types businesses, large & small.

We work in the areas of Water & Wastewater

  • Quality, Treatment & Management
  • Compliance with legal standards and regulations and other corporate requirements.

We also provide outsourced Environmental Management Services

  • Product & Process Optimization/Development
  • Legislation & Best Practice
  • Liability & Risk Evaluation
  • Training, Documentation & Reports

ECOS can reference over 20 years of professional experience and Technical & Business Knowledge which enables us to assist our client to save time, resources and money.

  • Sustainability: Economic & Environmental – the Real measure of viability for a project

We are very good at Troubleshooting & Problem Solving (its our thing and we do it well)

  • Root cause analysis
  • Innovation (Thinking outside the box)
  • Combining our technical expertise, common sense logical and practical approach with our understanding of business needs.

For more information please contact us at 061 633644 / or visit our website

ECOS Environmental Consultants Limited