Pilot Farm Hazardous Waste Bring Centres

EPA farm Hazardous wasteThe EPA in collaboration with the Pesticide Control Division of DAFM, Teagasc, six local authorities, Rilta Environmental Limited (a hazardous waste contractor), WEEE Ireland and the European Recycling Platform, delivered a pilot project to determine the nature and extent of on-farm stockpiling of hazardous waste.

  • The project entailed the operation of six bring-centres for farm hazardous waste in November 2013.

The aim of the joint initiative was to:

  • Research the need for a national farm hazardous waste collection scheme
  • Characterise farm hazardous waste
  • Identify the type and quantity of de-registered pesticides remaining on farms
  • Pooling resources and collective expertise between the various agencies and departments, facilitating the removal of hazardous wastes from farms and ensuring their recovery/disposal is managed in accordance with national and European waste legislation
  • Make recommendations on how best to deliver a national farm hazardous waste collection scheme and to assess the commercial viability of such a national collection scheme.

A total of 94,472 kg of farm hazardous waste and 22,228 kg of Waste Electronic and electrical Equipment and batteries were collected at the 6 pilot bring centres.

The project team are planning on running an additional eight centres in November 2014.  Teagasc will use its existing advisory service and discussion groups to publicise the centres with assistance from the relevant local authorities and other farming organisations

Source: EPA