Hazardous Waste Assessment

ECOS recently completed review assessment of biomass filter cake on behalf of a multinational biopharmaceutical company. 

Waste acceptance criteria (WAC) results alone are not sufficient to determine the List of Waste (LoW) classification purpose a waste stream.  Where waste streams may contain hazardous compounds or persistent organic pollutants, further assessment is required to determine the LoW classification and a suitable disposal route.

In 2018 the filter cake had previously been analysed and assessed through HazWasteOnline and was determined as being non-hazardous.  Various process changes had been implemented at the biopharmaceutical since 2018.  However, whereas increases in the concentrations of key parameters had increased since 2018, the outcome of the assessment was that the waste biomass filter cake could continue to be classified as non-hazardous and retain the LoW classification applied in 2018.

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