Guide to packaging Hazardous Waste

The packaging of hazardous waste myst be undertaken correctly to protect employees, local residents, passersby and the environment from harm.  It is also a legal requirement. 

Hazardous WasteThe three crucial elements of successful hazardous waste management are

  • Containers
  • Labelling
  • Final packaging

There are various containers available for storing different types of hazardous waste, and it’s essential to use the correct container for each type.

  • Containers should be kept clean, dry and free from dents, corrosion or residues
  • Containers should always be stored upright
  • Plastic drums must not be older than 5 years
  • Always leave sufficient free space to allow for liquid expansion
  • Drums must not be modified in any way, e.g. with valves or taps added
  • Liquids should never be stored in open top drums
  • Ensure all clamps which hold lids in place are tightly closed
  • Plastic IBCs must not be older than 2.5 years and must adhere to the max permissible weight as per design
  • IBCs require taps and caps which can be tightly closed and have  “o” rings are in place
  • IBCs require labels on two opposite sides


The European Classification, Labelling and Packaging Regulation (CLP) has been in force since 1 June 2015, which required many hazardous waste chemicals to be assessed against a new set of criteria. 

  • Labels should always detail the specific class of waste, and include any sub-risks, as well as all relevant CLP symbols and pictograms, so the nature and severity of the hazard is immediately apparent.

The utmost care must be taken when packing hazardous waste.  

  • Containers must never be overfilled
  • All clamps, caps, lids and clasps must be securely fastened .
  • Broken pallets should never be used to transport hazardous waste
  • All packages should be firmly shrink-wrapped onto the pallets, without protruding over the edges.

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