Oil Separator

An oil separator, also known as an oil-water separator, is a crucial piece of equipment that separates oil and other light liquids from water or other heavier liquids. These separators are primarily used in industrial settings to prevent oil and petrol from contaminating the environment by removing them from wastewater streams before they are discharged into municipal sewage systems.

Oil separators are typically comprised of a collection tank, a system of baffles or filters, and a mechanism for removing the collected oil. As wastewater enters the tank, the heavier materials settle to the bottom while lighter liquids like oil and petrol float to the top. The baffles or filters in the system help to trap the lighter liquids and allow them to be removed from the water.

Oil separators come in a range of sizes and designs to accommodate different levels of flow and different types of liquids. Regular maintenance and cleaning of these systems are essential to ensure they operate effectively and efficiently. Properly maintained oil separators can help to minimize environmental damage caused by oil and petrol contamination, making them an essential tool for industries that handle these types of liquids.