European Week for Waste Reduction

The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) in 2012 has enjoyed its biggest ever year.

The LIFE project launched the EWWR to promote reductions in the amount of municipal waste in Europe through awareness-raising and waste reduction activities with local populations, authorities, schools and businesses.

In Limerick a series of waste prevention activities were coordinated by the Regional Waste Management Office (RWMO), including information and awareness sessions in supermarkets aimed at avoiding food waste through smart shopping.

  • The County Hall of the suburb of Dooradoyle organised a training programme in upcycling furniture salvaged from a local recycling centre, which generated an associated exhibition.
  • Limerick City Council and the RWMO ran an activity with local residents to learn about preventing hazardous household waste for which this video was produced.

More information on waste reduction activities in Limerick and the RWMO’s eGuide to waste prevention, is available at .


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