EU rules on energy efficiency published

The Energy Efficiency Directive will enter force on 4 December following its publication in the EU’s official journal on Wednesday.

  • Member states will have until June 2014 to transpose it into national law.
  • Annual reporting on progress towards meeting the efficiency targets of each member state will be required.
  • National action plans must be issued every three years from April 2014.
  • The indicative efficiency targets will be based on either primary or final energy consumption, primary or final energy savings, or energy intensity.
  • The directive also seeks to promote efficiency in heating and cooling.  For example, member states must conduct a comprehensive assessment of the potential for high efficiency cogeneration and efficient district heating by December 2015.
  • All companies except SMEs must be subject to energy audits by 5 December 2015 to be conducted at least every four years.
  • Companies with certified energy and environmental systems will also be exempted.


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