EU food chain takes major step forward in food and drink environmental footprint assessment

The European Food SCP Round Table has taken a major step forward towards supporting informed choice as it launches the ENVIFOOD Protocol version 1.0.

  • The ENVIFOOD Protocol is the first sectoral framework methodology to build on both global (ISO) and EU (Product Environmental Footprint – PEF) approaches in order to provide specific guidance for conducting environmental footprint assessments in the food, feed and drink sector.
  • It will promote informed choice by encouraging users of the ENVIFOOD Protocol to conduct assessments that are scientifically reliable and consistent, understandable and not misleading.
  • The launch follows a series of 19 pilot tests and a public consultation that were carried out in 2013 on the ENVIFOOD Protocol.

The ENVIFOOD Protocol marks the culmination of four years of collaboration between the European Commission and over 20 European organisations from across the food chain.

  • The European Food SCP Round Table will now focus on promoting the uptake of the ENVIFOOD Protocol, including by facilitating technical support during the EU food, feed and drink pilot tests in 2014.
  • European Food SCP Roundtable It will also continue to promote continuous environmental improvement and will further evaluate tools for communicating environmental information along the food chain.

SourceEuropean Food SCP Roundtable