EPA Licence: How to avoid “death by a thousand cuts”

EPA Licence:  How to avoid “death by a thousand cuts”

An EPA LicenceEPA Licence include those issued in respect of Integrated Pollution Control (IPC), Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) or Waste facilities.

When your licence is managed correctly it becomes just another part of your business.  When you are not in control the process becomes “death by a thousand cuts”.

All EPA licences are issued with a variety of conditions which detail the extent to key issues to be addressed, including:

  • Site Infrastructure
  • Environmental emissions control and abatement measures
  • Inspection, monitoring, and reporting requirements
  • Maps and drawings
  • Data Management and Communications Plans
  • Accident and Emergency Plans
  • Storage of raw materials, finished products and waste materials
  • Specific reports relevant to certain classes of licence and site activities/sensitivities
    • Solvent Management Plan
    • Firewater Risk Assessment
    • Waste Management Plan

There is a significant body of work required to address the conditions presented in IPC, IED or Waste Licence issued by the EPA.

It is essential to address all action items on a managed basis with adequate resources such that they can be brought to a point where they will be acceptable to the EPA.

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