EnvironTech_SMEnvironmental Technology

ECOS provides multidisciplinary experience and specialist knowledge for the development, selection and application of technology for environmental management.

We understand the need to conduct robust assessment, verification and validation at every stage of the process to address the concerns of key stakeholders, including investors, regulators and end users.

ECOS assist you to meet your requirements by:

  • Identification of key performance objectives, certification and regulatory requirements and commercial considerations relevant to the Clients needs.
  • Appraisal of the technical performance and commercial viability of the product.  This stage will always include detailed review of current and future regulatory and certification requirements.
  • Development of protocols and stress tests to assess performance against key objectives. We often work with our Clients through the various stages of the product development process, e.g. technical, commercial, certification and regulatory requirements to be addressed to present a viable product.
  • Working with the Client to optimise products and processes to meet their specific objectives.
  • Provision of advice and opinions that are independent and very well informed.
  • We work with you to implement the correct solution taking into account all of your specific requirements.
  • We ensure that your business and staff have access to the expertise and technical support required to continue to meet all of your specific business needs in a sustainable/viable manner

What we do

Product Development:Research:Funding:Process Optimisation:Product Selection:Standards & Certification:Best Practice:
Water | Waste |WastewaterFeasibility StudyGrant ApplicationInvestigationTechnical AssessmentRequirementsLegislation and Regulation
Industrial Proof of Concept Innovation VoucherAssessmentCommercial ReviewAssessmentIndustry Standards
Commercial Technical ResearchFunding AgenciesProcess ControlProcurementTechnical ReviewProcess Guidance Notes
AgricultureCommercialisationHorizon 2020DocumentationSustainabilityValidationCorporate Requirements

For more information or if you do not see what you are looking for please contact us.  We will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

T:  +353 (0) 61 633644  E:  info@ecos.ie

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