Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)

Environmental Technology Verification (ETV)Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) is the establishment or validation of environmental technology performance by qualified third parties based on test data generated through testing using established protocols or specific requirements.

  • The European Commission launched a voluntary scheme for ETV on an experimental basis: the EU ETV pilot programme.
  • The programme is intended for innovative technologies presenting an added value for the environment and ready for the market.
  • The pilot programme sets out to establish the foundations for a true European-level tool supporting and promoting eco-innovation.

Environmental Technology Verification may be of interest to innovative SMEs and particularly those applying for funding under Phase 2 of the SME Instrument.

  • The scheme allows SMEs to differentiate their technologies from larger competitors and ensures the credibility of related performance claims.
  • The ETV pilot programme is supported by the EU budget and by participating countries, with the aim of limiting the average final contribution of participating SMEs to around €20,000 for verification.
  • Under ETV, evaluation is not limited by any pre-defined technical specifications or standards. Each technology is assessed against its own characteristics, based on performance claims, with tests defined on a case-by-case basis.

More information about the scheme can be found on the website of the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.

Download General Verification Protocol 

Source: EASME  News