Environmental Management: Draft BAT for pig and poultry installations issued

The European Commission’s Seville-based IPPC bureau has released the second draft of revised EU guidance on best available techniques (BAT) to reduce pollution from pig and poultry installations.

  • The new draft specifies BAT techniques and their associated emission levels (AELs) from which limit values will be derived in pollution permits determined by national authorities, taking into account local conditions.
  • Stakeholders have until 21 October to comment.

This information, contained in chapter 5 of the document known as BREF, was previously not included in the original version published in March 2011.

  • The revised BREF updates BAT techniques detailed in existing guidance and sets BAT-AELs for the first time.
  • BAT-AELs for emissions of ammonia are proposed for different categories of animals.
  • BAT techniques are also proposed to reduce ammonia emissions from manure storage and the application of solid manure and slurry to land.
  • Other recommendations in the draft revised pig and poultry BREF include AELs for dust and odour emissions and BAT-associated environmental performance levels (AEPLs) for excreted nitrogen and phosphorous.

Source:  ENDS Europe

ECOS Environmental Consultants Limited