Businesses can save time and money : Water, Waste and Wastewater

All businesses have legal and corporate requirements relating to water and wastewater.

Businesses can save time and money and minimize potential environmental liability by ensuring that they understand:

  • Legal & corporate requirements
  • Their duties & obligations
  • Why they is important
  • Who is responsible
  • What to recognize
  • What actions to take
  • What and How to report
  • How to reduce costs through Environmental Compliance

ECOS Environmental Consultants Limited provides advice to all types of businesses.

  • We help our clients meet their business needs, be legally compliant and operate in line with best practice.

Projects have included:

  • Water, Waste and Wastewater – Treatment, Best Practice, Recovery & Reuse
  • Environmental Management – Technical Oversight, Cost – Benefit and Life Cycle Analysis
  • Environmental Liability & Risk Evaluation – Due Diligence, Compliance, Sustainability

Our clients range from indigenous SME’s to multinationals, including:

  • The Food and Drink Sector, Pharma-chem, Financial and Building Services.

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ECOS Environmental Consultants Limited