Add Value or Save Costs: Water, Waste, Wastewater

ECOS Environmental Consultants helps our clients to add value or save costs within their business.  We identify and solve problems related to Water, Waste & Wastewater.  Our multidisciplinary team of technical and business managers use environmental management as a business tool to help our clients to achieve their financial, competitive, regulatory and operational goals.Add Value or Save Costs: Water, Waste, Wastewater

  • Environmental Management: Corporate & Regulatory
  • Whole of Life Assessment: Supply Chain to Circular Economy
  • Waste: Minimisation, Recovery, Reuse, Treatment
  • Technology: Development, Validation, Application
  • Licences & Permits: Application, Renewal, Compliance & Reporting

The complexities of environmental management are forever evolving.  We assist our clients to

  • Define and prioritise key environmental management objectives .
  • Develop strategies and objective driven implementation plans from first principles, taking into account short medium and longer term resource considerations
  • Establish and measure key performance indicators to address the challenges and opportunities relating to environmental management and their impact upon competitiveness and viability.
  • Conduct robust assessment to address the concerns of key stakeholders, including investors, regulators and end users
  • Deliver high return through careful asset management and leveraging of existing infrastructure and operational expertise.

At ECOS, we are always interested in developing new business relationships and discussing opportunities for collaboration, strategic partnerships and innovation.

For more information on how we can help you to add value or save costs within your business please contact us at +353 (0) 61 633644 or  We would welcome your enquiry.