A guide, for business and institutions, on supports available in Ireland for developing resource efficient practices.

Supports for business and institutions in the development and implementation of Green Business strategies are available from a range of state agencies in Ireland.

  • This guide provides a brief overview of services and supports available from the four principal agencies active in this area: the environmental Protection Agency, the Sustainable Energy Authrority of Ireland, Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland

Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the financial savings and competitive advantage that arise from adopting an environmentally sustainable and resource-efficient approach to their business.

  • The increasing demand from consumers and clients for “green” and sustainable products and services also provides new opportunities for enterprises to meet customer needs. 
  • The purpose of this guide is to provide information on where a business or institution can go for support and assistance in implementing environmental resource efficiencies – depending on whether the client is a large or small enterprise, a multi-national, or a public institution/facility.
  • The four agencies cooperate to provide integrated eco-efficiency support services appropriate to business or institutional needs.

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