ECOS Providing Technical Support services to SMILE Resource Exchange

ECOS have been providing technical support services to SMILE Resource Exchange for the Southern Waste Management Region since 2015.  We  work closely with SMILE and our counterparts in the East & Midlands and Connaught & Ulster waste management regions.


SMILE Resource Exchange is a free service for businesses which:

  • SMILE encourages businesses to exchange resources between its members to save costs, reduce waste going to landfill and to develop new business opportunities.  
  • SMILE Resource Exchange aids the valorisation of waste and membership of SMILE Resource Exchange has benefited a wide range of businesses throughout Ireland.  
  • There is no cost associated with membership of SMILE Resource Exchange.  technical support
  • Potential synergies are identified through facilitated assistance or an online platform 
  • Businesses can request or offer surplus stock, reusable materials or by-products which could be used as a raw material in another business. 

Our role, as Technical Consultants for SMILE, is to ensure that all relevant aspects are considered such that the exchange is viable for producer, intermediary and end user.  This includes technical, regulatory, financial and other commercial considerations.

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