SMEs should tap into €8bn in EU funding

InterTradeIreland is active in facilitating SME partnerships and North/South collaborations through a range of supports and a dedicated web resource providing guidance, advice and links to other useful websites.

  • InterTradeIreland Cross Border Collaboration Voucher – that can be redeemed against the cost of travel or accommodation for up to £500 / €550 when meeting with partners, or potential partners, of FP7 projects.
  • Focus on FP7 Series– top researchers and SMEs of the island are brought together for a targeted briefing and networking opportunity to discuss specic areas of FP7 calls.
  • EU notice board– designed to help you identify partners for your collaborative FP7 projects. Here you will find projects looking for a partner to play a specific role within their proposals.
  • EU Travel Scheme – financial support to attend relevant FP7 related events in Europe. InterTradeIreland offers a financial support of £285/€340 to cover travel and accommodation expenses.
  • Free FP7 information and advice service– providing general information on FP7 topics such as, what is a PIC code, how to register as an evaluator or what are the supports available on the island