European Commission Public Consultation

The European Commission is launching a new public consultation, which is meant to provide input for the mid-term review of the industrial policy communication planned for September 2012.

This review will focus on developing a limited number of new initiatives that can deliver substantial results in the short to medium-term.

The consultation is due to identify a number of key areas for possible policy intervention and asks for stakeholders’ views on options for changes.  Issues covered include:

  • SME-friendly business environment and entrepreneurship
  • Access to finance and risk capital
  • Industrial innovation and technologies policy
  • Skills, restructuring and structural change
  • Improving the Single Market
  • ICT, internet and cross-border sales
  • Better and more consistent regulation
  • Energy infrastructure and competition
  • Internal transport market
  • Environmental regulations
  • Resource-efficiency and recycling
  • Energy and climate
  • International market access and global competition
  • Access to raw materials

The public consultation runs until 7th August.  A summary report will be published on the public consultation webpage. information on industrial competitiveness