Licencing Requirements for Wastewater discharged to sewer or receiving water

Whether your business is a small restaurant or a large multinational manufacturing industry,if it generates a wastewater which is discharged either to a sewer or a receiving water, a licence is required with very few exceptions.

  • Time and time again we come across businesses have either had difficulties because they have not obtained a licence or have ended up with an unsustainable discharge licence.
  • The former can result in prosecution, cessation of production and negative publicity, all of which can be costly for the business.
  • Unsustainable discharge licence limits can result in similar difficulties

Comprehensive guidance is available to assist businesses with the discharge licence application process.  In our experience, the licencing authorities are more than willing to engage in dialogue before and during the application to ensure that the most appropriate discharge licence can be granted.

  • The applicant needs to be able to demonstrate to the licencing authority that a proposed or existing discharge can comply with the requirements of the Water Framework Directive.

ECOS assists businesses to:

  • Understand the licening proces
  • Obtain or generate the technical information required for submission with the application
  • Stress test all technical information
  • Present a technical argument in support of any desired outcome – Assimilative capacity, Mass Balance, Headroom etc.
  • Engage with the licencing authority before and during the licence application process
  • Complete the application process, taking into consideration all issues which the licencing authority may have to consider for the specific discharge in question and with reference to published guidance notes and assessment criteria.

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