Fit for Purpose And Save Money

Technically Correct and Save MoneyWould you intentionally buy something which is nearly fit for purpose?…………….Of course not you say indignantly, and you would be correct.

However, way to often over the past 20+years we have been asked to assist Clients where products, processes and services were quite often procured on purchase price without due careful consideration of many other features, including:

  • Why is it being purchased and does the product process or service meet all of your requirements.
  • What are your legal obligations and will the purchase enable you to fulfil them.
  • Have your energy an operating costs been cleary and independently assessed (ie not by the salesman).

The concept of knowing your objectives and then validating/verifying proposed options seems to be a logical approach stakeholders to meet their technical, commercial and financial business needs and be legally compliant.

  • Our Clients mitigate against business interruption, prosecution and excessive cost of compliance by engaging us to ensure that the most appropriate Permits and Licences in place;
  • Technical, financial and corporate objectives can be achieved where we address Cost, Quality and Interpretation requirements for Clients.
  • Clients engage with us to identify and manage Research and Development requirements for products and processes, from proof of concept stages through the commercialisation process and final end user application, ie does it work, can it be sold profitably and will the end user be happy to use it.

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