EPA Licence: Ensure you have high quality data

EPA Licence: Ensure you have high quality data

The effective management of an EPA Licence is dependant upon the quality of data available.

Sampling and monitoring is a requirement of virtually all EPA licenses.

  • The sampling and analysis stages require a high level of competency and quality control in order to ensure the resulting data is reliable, accurate and traceable.  
  • A key element of quality of data is commitment at all staff levels; management, supervisors, and technicians, to the process from sampling to report issue. 

Quality must be:

  • Managed and given strong managerial support
  • Clear, understood and unambiguous,
  • Supervised,
  • Defined through written Policies and Procedures.

Licensees should audit sampling and monitoring undertaken by their own staff and by service providers to ensure that they address all EPA licence and quality requirements:

  • Competency and training details
  • Quality management systems
  • Equipment maintenance and calibration records
  • Standard operating procedures

Please contact us to ensure that you obtain the required high quality data which will enable you to manage you EPA Licence requirements.

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