Environmental Funding for SMEs

SMEs should be aware of funding schemes that encourage Irish organisations to research and bring to market more environmentally sustainable technologies and processes.

FP7 is the European Commissions 7th Framework Programme for research.

It runs from 2007 – 2013 and has funds of over €50 billion allocated for research activities in this period.

The main objective of R&D for the environment under FP7 is to promote the sustainable management of both the man-made and the natural environment.

The EU has earmarked a total of € 1.9 billion for funding the theme of “Environment” over the duration of FP7.

Funded actions so far focus on:

  • Predicting changes in climate, ecological conditions, earth and ocean systems.
  • Tools and technologies for monitoring, prevention and mitigation of environmental pressures and risks including health risks.
  • Sustainability of the natural and man-made environment.

There is a 15 % target for the share of EU funding going to SMEs under the Cooperation Programmes.   Nationally the 15% target is well exceeded with nearly 21% of funding being going to SMEs.

The average EU contribution to participating SMEs was €270,000.

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