Water, Waste and Wastewater – Legal and Corporate Requirements

All businesses have legal and corporate requirements relating to water and wastewater.

ECOS provides environmental advice to all types of businesses.

  • We help our clients meet their business needs, be legally compliant and operate in line with best practice.

Projects have included:

  • Water, Waste and Wastewater – Treatment, Best Practice, Recovery & Reuse
  • Environmental Management – Technical Oversight, Cost – Benefit and Life Cycle Analysis
  • Environmental Liability & Risk Evaluation – Due Diligence, Compliance, Sustainability

Our clients range from indigenous SME’s to multinationals, including:

  • The Food and Drink Sector, Pharma-chem, Financial and Building Services.

For more information please contact us at 061 633644 or info@ecos.ie.

ECOS Environmental Consultants Limited