Does your SME engage in CSR – are you sure

ISME, the Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association, released the results of its ‘SMEs and CSR’ survey which assessed the level of SME engagement in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in 2015.

The Association found that all respondents were active in CSR, despite the fact that only 54% were aware that their activities could be classified as CSR.

The main findings of the survey are:

  • The term ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ or ‘CSR’ is not well known or understood amongst SMEs even at a basic level.
  • All survey respondents in 2015 were active in some form of CSR.
  • Only 54% understood enough about the term and the nature of CSR to be able to state that they were engaged in it.
  • 94% of SMEs donate money to charity.
  • 94% have waste reduction programmes.
  • 92% have a recycling programme.
  • 92% are committed to the responsible business practice of paying promptly.
  • 84% actively support the learning and development of their employees.
  • 39% of SMEs have a charity partner (up from 35% in 2013).
  • 70% of respondents who answered ‘no’ were active in all areas of CSR mentioned.
  • 80% of respondents who answered ‘don’t know’ were active in all areas of CSR mentioned.

Source: ISME