Contaminated Land and Groundwater: Guidance Document

Many of businesses need to manage contaminated land and groundwater, arising either from historical site activities or a more recent site incident.  The EPA have published guidance on the management of contaminated land and groundwater at EPA licensed facilities.

The guidance presents the risk based approach which is considered to be best practice for the assessment and remediation of contaminated land and groundwater at EPA licensed sites and includes:

  • Information on risk assessment methodology
  • Guideline template reports
  • Risk assessment tools and standards.

A staged approach methodology for risk assessment is presented to ensure that key elements are addressed only when required and in succession:

  • Stage 1:  Site Characterisation & Assessment
  • Stage 2:  Corrective Action Feasibility & Design
  • Stage 3:  Corrective Action Implementation & Aftercare

The collection of reliable data and a good – quality Conceptual Site Model (CSM) are key to the presentation of a robust assessment.

Source: EPA